The Netherlands Inclusiveness Monitor (NIM)

Everybody can join. That’s the key of being inclusive. Irrespective of origin, age, beliefs, preferences or disabilities, everybody gets the chance to participate in our society. The Netherlands Inclusiveness Monitor (NIM) investigates the measures and actions organizations take to become more inclusive. It connects these findings to the experiences of employees and provides organizations with advice on which steps to take to become truly inclusive.

Inclusiveness / diversity

Many organizations take measures to promote diversity. These measures are aimed at hiring more different types of employees or people from underrepresented groups, and advancing their careers. However, if these different types of employees are employed, that does not mean that they show their unique talents, that they work well together, or that they stay. Working on the diversity of the workforce only makes sense if it is also possible to ensure that everyone feels at home and can be themselves: in an inclusive work climate. That is why the NIM focuses on the connection between diversity and inclusiveness, in order to increase the long-term effects and the effectiveness of the diversity policies.

What is the NIM?

The NIM researchers use the ‘NIM policy scan’ and the ‘NIM employee scan’ as their main instruments. With these two instruments they provide an overview of the diversity policies and the inclusiveness of the organizational climate.

Both instruments are developed based on insights from numerous scientific studies and are scientifically validated.

What’s in it for your organization?

  • Insight into the effectiveness, efficiency, and coherence of your diversity policy
  • Insight into the effect of your policy on employees
  • Recommendations for improvement based on scientific insights
  • Benchmark with other participating organizations
  • Access to the latest scientific insights

Who constitute the NIM?

The Netherlands Inclusiveness Monitor is conducted by the University of Utrecht under the supervision of prof. Dr. Naomi Ellemers and her research team, in close collaboration with the Netherlands Inclusiveness Monitor foundation. The monitor is an initiative of ADG dienstengroep, one of Netherlands largest private employers, and the University of Utrecht.